• Andréa Fekete

Waters Run Wild 10-Year Anniversary Book Giveaway!

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

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Guest Room partnered with Goodreads to celebrate the book’s 10-year anniversary with a giveaway! A smooth ride over rough terrain: union busting, romance, racial violence, and growing up. Romantic 18-year-old Jennie, her explosive sister Katie, teen brothers Isaac, Ezra, and baby sister "Little Bird" struggle to thrive in the violent coal mine war-era of 1920s West Virginia, a beautiful yet rugged landscape. This debut novel is said to "rival the classics of Appalachian literature" and has been taught in literature courses in middle schools and colleges. Enter to win a signed copy of this 2nd edition which includes new chapters. This is the 10-year anniversary of the family saga.

"Fekete's Waters Run Wild is beautifully written. The prose here sings with a poet's careful touch. Though the topics are as blunt as a baseball bat to the skull, the language never suggests such force. In fact, the narrative's nature, a predominantly woman's tale, seems to welcome Fekete's gentle hand. The most impressive sections are the ones where non-human characters come forth." -Ryan Stone, American Book Review