• Andréa Fekete

Please Take Care of My Friend: Heart Advice From a Stranger

Don't eat any crap food. Eat clean. It's one reason you're sad and drink more water. I can tell you don't just like I can see you blaming yourself and feeling guilt too often about things that don't even belong to you.

Stop thinking so much and be present in your body and the moment.

Pick 5 things you can smell, see, touch or hear when you start to feel anxious because it grounds you. Say them out loud.

Try to exercise some way half hour a day at least. Sit in the sun everyday. Write down all your feelings in a poem and read them to someone who loves you later, if you want to feel heard. They’ll listen.

Take a first aid kit. Don’t be a hero, always tell someone where you are going, so if you get lost, they’ll come find you and bring you home.

Don't drive if you're upset. Don't beat yourself up. Know you're lovable and inspire others even if you're not feeling it. Meditate. Sing.

Even badly. It changes the brain right away.

Stop working for a minute and just breathe and sit with the discomfort. You can do it. Eventually you'll be free. Baby steps.

Remind yourself everything changes and passes and you're not stuck and it's never too late to turn it all around.

You’re sweet and kind and will be whole one day and you'll find all the things you deserve. I know you don't think so now. Keep your chin up.

And remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

PS- I love you. Just as you are. Although it doesn‘t mean much coming from me. You should try it sometime.

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