(Guest Room Press 2018)

Waters Run Wild is the story of 18-year-old Jennie and her siblings Ezra, Isaac, Katie, and "Little Bird" Anna May, growing up in a coal camp in 1920 West Virginia, amid the chaos and violence of the famous coal mine war era. The gorgeous Appalachian mountains and worker's rights' struggles are the backdrop of their adventures.


During this time of union-busting, violence, and ethnic segregation, somehow they find time for romance, friendship, and  laughter amid their grief. Andrea Fekete's novel reflects the poetic, passionate spirit and strength of Appalachian people and nature in flux. Perfect for high school and college literature courses. 

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edited by Andrea Fekete & Lara Lillibridge (Cynren Press 2019)

Feminine Rising: Voices of Power and Invisibility brings together international poets and essayists, both award-winning and emergent, to answer these questions with raw, honest meditations that speak to women of all races, nationalities, and sexual orientations. Contributors hail from Turkey, Tunisia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, England, Canada, Vietnam, Israel, and all corners of the United States. 


This  timely, powerful collection features true stories of women’s daily lives as workers, leaders, lovers, survivors, healers, mothers, protectors, and so much more.

For US customers, I've factored media mail USPS shipping into the price. 

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